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Desserts and Patisserie - Mousse Style cakes
Recipe No:  R602a
Group  Ingredient KG
  Water (cold) 1.200    54.5%
  BAKELS TIRAMISU 1.000    45.5%

  Total Weight 2.200
Method:  1. Place water, then BAKELS TIRAMISU MIX in mixing bowl.
2. Whisk for 1 minute on slow speed.
3. Scrape down.
4. Whisk for a further 5 minutes on top speed.
5. Using Recipe R726a (PETTINA CRUMB MIX), prepare desired base shape.
6. Deposit mixture onto base and level off evenly.
7. Place in refrigerator until firm.
8. Once firm, remove from refrigerator and leave plain, or decorate using either Hadeja Flan Jel, coloured/flavoured Piping Jelly or Chockex Supreme shavings.
Notes:  Recipe percentages are on total batter / mix weight (100%)