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Meringues & Marshmallows - Meringues
Recipe No:  R435a
Group  Ingredient KG
  BAKELS MACARON MIX 1.000    82.6%
  Water (approx 50-55C) 0.210    17.4%

  Total Weight 1.210
Method:  1. Place Water and liquid colour into bowl.
2. Add Bakels Macaron Mix.
3. Blend for 1 minute on slow speed and scrape down.
4. Beat on top speed for 6 minites using a beater.
5. Pipe onto baking trays lined with silicon paper.
6. Allow to stand for approximately 20 minutes.
7. Bake at 130-135C for 27-30 minutes.
8. Allow to cool.
9. Sandwich two Macarons together using Bakels White or Chocolate Truffle mix or Bakels Millionaires Caramel.
Notes:  Recipe percentages are on total batter / mix weight (100%)
  When using Liquid Colours, reduce the water by the amount of colour added. Total liquid must not exceed 210g per 1Kg of mix.
  Use Apito Flavouring Pastes to flavour Bakels White Truffle.