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Cakes and Muffins - Various Cake Varieties
Recipe No:  R134a
Group  Ingredient KG
  BAKELS FRIAND MIX 2.000    55%
  Butter (softened) 0.880    24.2%
  Water 0.760    20.8%

  Total Weight 3.640
Method:  1. Soften or slightly melt butter (do not use hot).
2. Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl with paddle attachement.
3. Mix on first speed for 1 minute.
4. Scrape down.
5. Mix for 4 minutes on second speed.
6. Deposit into Friand tins at 70 g.
7. Note: Use only a minimum of release agent.
8. Bake at 180 C.
9. Allow to rest before removing from tins.
Notes:  Recipe percentages are on total batter / mix weight (100%)
  For filled Friands, inject 5 grams of Bakels Fruit Filling into the batter (prior to baking).
Yield:  4 1/4 dozen Friands