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Meringues & Marshmallows - Meringues
Recipe No:  R400a
Group  Ingredient KG
  ACTIWHITE 0.050    2.8%
  Water 0.500    28.6%
  Sugar 1.200    68.6%

  Total Weight 1.750
Method:  1. Soak ACTIWHITE in cold Water for 10-12 minutes.
2. Add 800g of the Sugar and whisk on high speed to full volume, (approximately 12 minutes)
3. Fold in the remaining Sugar.
4. Adding two thirds of the sugar as above will give a light porous meringue.
5. If a slightly heavier, stronger and smoother meringue is required, whip entire quantity of sugar with ACTIWHITE.
6. Pipe out as desired.
7. Dry at 120C for at least 2 1/2 hours or switch off oven and leave overnight.
Notes:  ACTIWHITE should not be whipped without Sugar.
  Recipe percentages are on total batter / mix weight (100%)
Yield:  Approximately 175 meringues.