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Cakes and Muffins - Cake and Sponge Stabilisers
Recipe No:  R210g
Group  Ingredient KG
  Cinnamon 0.010
  Butter or MORAH CAKE 0.650
  P3 0.090
2 Eggs 0.900
  Water 0.300
  Honey 0.275
3 COLSET 0.150
4 Apple Sauce 0.900
  Dates (Chopped) 0.900
  Walnuts (chopped) 0.450

  Total Weight 7.625
Method:  1. Soften the Butter or MORAH CAKE but do not melt.
2. Add the remaining Group 1 ingredients.
3. Blend on second speed until a fine crumbly mixture forms.
4. Add one third of Group 2 and mix on second speed for 1 minute.
5. Scrape down and add the remaining two thirds of Group 2 over a period of 3 minutes on slow speed.
6. Scrape down thoroughly and mix 3 minutes on second speed.
7. Blend in Group 3 on slow speed.
8. Scrape down.
9. Blend in Group 4 on slow speed.
10. Scale at 540g (1lb 3oz) into greased half round loaf tins dressed with chopped walnuts.
11. Bake at 160C (325F) for approximately 35 minutes.
12. Alternatively do not dress with chopped walnuts but finish with lemon icing.
Notes:  The metric recipe is of similar size to the avoirdupois recipe but is not an exact conversion.
Yield:  16 loaves scaled at 450g