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Cakes and Muffins - Miscellaneous Baking
Recipe No:  R630a
Group  Ingredient KG
1 COLSET 0.250
  Sugar 0.500
2 Water (cold) 1.200

  Total Weight 1.950
Method:  1. Blend Group 1 together.
2. Place the Water in the machine bowl.
3. Commence beating on top speed.
4. Pour Group 1 into the machine in a steady stream and continue beating until the mixture thickens.
5. Use the extender at the rate of 400-1200g (1-3lb) to every 2400g (6lb) fruit.
6. The extender may also be added to jam.
7. Jam Stabiliser:
8. To stabilise jam, mix 10-25g (1/2 - 1oz) COLSET into every 400g (1lb) of jam. This will overcome boilout during baking.
Notes:  The metric recipe is of similar size to the avoirdupois recipe but is not an exact conversion.