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Cakes, Muffins and Cookies - Miscellaneous Baking
Product Name:  SORBEX
Product Code:  2710
Description:  Powdered preservative
Function:  Retardation of spoilage by moulds and yeasts in all non yeast raised baked products such as cakes, fillings etc.
0.1% - 0.2% on other ingredients.
Maximum usage rate is 0.2% on other ingredients.
At this level Sorbex provides 1000 ppm Potassium Sorbate calculated as Sorbic Acid.
Ingredient Listing: 
Preservative (202), Wheat Starch.
2710-31 Plastic bag 4 kg.
Shelf Life & Storage: 
Cool, dry and dark conditions up to  12  months
Nutrition Information (per 100g): 
Energy - kcal 255
Energy - kj 1066
Protein g 0.2
Fat - Total g 0.2
Fat - Saturated g 0
Carbohydrate - Total g 28.4
Carbohydrate - Sugar g 0
Dietary Fibre g 0
Sodium mg 0
GMO Status: 
Does not require any GM label statement under Standard 1.5.2 of the ANZFA regulations.
This product shall at the time of delivery conform in every respect to the provisions of the Australia/NZ food standards and regulations made there under. Customers exporting this product or items made using this product should check compliance with the importing country regulations.
Product manufactured on plant that handles wheat, soy, milk, egg, tree nut and seed products.